Candidates for King & Queen

Candidates for King & Queen “In Costume”

The pre-Carnaval 2020 activities continued this weekend as enthusiastic candidates made their first presentations of themselves “in full gala costume” to the community. Each candidate is vying for votes as the island prepares to elect the official King and Queen of Carnaval as well as King and Queen of Alegria and Fantasia this next week.

Late Saturday, with a sell-out, standing room only crowd of over 4000 people back again at Moby Dick Auditorium, the Cozumel Carnaval Ballet of dancers dressed in bright Carnaval colors breezed across the dance floor performing their opening number of the show. The Carnaval Ballet excited the crowd with their performance in order to present the 2020 Carnaval Host Mr. Spectacular himself ~ Fernando Ferraez who emerged in a pale yellow long, bejeweled tunic top coat accented with a lime green metallic turban and plumed feathers to match. Ferraez danced around the ballroom floor welcoming many Carnavaleros by name and creating the festive tempo of the evening.

Ferraez began the evening’s feature activities by welcoming the Presidente Municipal Pedro Joaquin Delbouis. In addition, Ferraez mentioned the group of special guests being entertained by the Presidente and attending Carnaval for the first time. After a warm greeting from the crowd for the dignataries, Ferraez next introduced all of the current Carnaval 2019 Royal Court members as they paraded and danced across the stage. Then it was time for the farewell dance shows of last year’s 2019 King & Queen of Carnaval. Both the King and Queen of Carnaval 2018, Germán Peraza and Mariana Villanueva each took the stage separately with their comparsas and thrilled the crowd for a final time with their beautiful choreography and dancing!

Host Ferraez then introduced each candidate for Cozumel Carnaval King and Queen 2020 and each candidate then made their “full gala costume” presentation in front of the crowd. The candidates each made their own individual costume presentation/dance interpretations in their enormous and spectacular costumes which lasted 15 – 20 minutes each.

As usual, the colorful and imaginative presentations of the adult King and Queen contestants were exciting to see as Carnaval 2020 shapes up to be a great competition for votes and then a top notch celebration for the week of February 19 – 26 when the candidates become Carnaval Royalty and reign over the week long festivities!

Event Host Fernando Ferraez closed the evening’s events with another call for everyone to become “Carnavaleros” and participate in Carnaval 2020 to help make it the most exciting ever as he encouraged all of the community to get involved this next week to VOTE for the King and Queen of their choice for Carnaval 2020! The exuberant crowd of thousands of Carnavaleros then rose in applause and rushed the dance floor as they began dancing to the rhythm of the music of El Fresa and la Sentencia until dawn.


Did you see ME there? I hope so!!