CozumelCarnaval.com is the “Original Website” for Carnaval Information!!

For more than a decade, visitors have relied on Cozumel Carnaval to stay up-to-date on Carnaval events and activities.  Long before other websites and social media existed ~ we were providing you great information about Carnaval!  We ARE Carnavaleros so we are always right in the middle of all the festivities and happenings!  So please check back frequently to see updates on king and queen candidates, dance competitions, community presentations and so much more!

Begin planning now & looking ahead to Carnaval 2022 as it will be here before you know it!!!

Pre-Carnaval events begin in Mid-April and Carnaval itself starts just a few weeks later!!

This is the “THE PAGE” to bookmark for Carnaval 2022 Activities!!

Let’s start by explaining a bit about Pre-Carnaval events!

As you may know, each year a King and Queen of Carnaval are elected by the general population of Cozumel.  These Pre-Carnaval events focus on presenting, vying for votes and electing the King and Queen of Carnaval.  These activities are more “locals” types of events but everyone is welcome to attend.  The events typically don’t even start until close to midnight and last until the wee hours of the mornings!  Tourists might enjoy them but honestly, we have never promoted attendance by tourists simply because…

•  The Cozumel Pre-Carnaval events are typically sold out in advance anyway so it is SRO (standing room only) …

•  The events do run vert late into the night and most importantly…

•  The locals should determine who THEY WANT as THEIR King and Queen of Carnaval.

But remember – as island visitors, you will not actually miss anything as our Pre-Carnaval  activities are performed INITIALLY on Saturday in a grand ballroom at a ticketed event where the locals attend and then AGAIN on Sunday in the downtown area for “FREE” so tourists and more locals can see!

ALL Pre-Carnaval and Carnaval activities (locals and tourist) are provided and listed so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!